WellPlayed Interviews: Robbie Rendo


Interview with Robbie Rendo – Professional Argentine Wakeboarder

WP) What was your personal experience in becoming a professional athlete?

It was a dream that became true without notice. When I was a little girl, my family and I would spend our weekends at an athletic club, where I practiced many different sports just for fun. That was what gave me an important base to become a good athlete today. During my teens I became acquainted with my sport and I fell in love with it. The only thing in my mind was to be able to spend all day in the water practicing it. I watched the professional American girls on TV and in magazines, and I wanted to be like them. My family always taught me that, aside from the sport, studying was very important, so I always made a big effort to have good grades. Once I finished my studies, I went by myself to USA for 6 months, to perfect my skills. That opened many doors and allowed me to start an international career. Without notice, I was training with the same girls I always admired. Traveling is what gave me the experience and made me grow as an athlete.

WP) What were the pros and cons of becoming a professional athlete?

Sports allow you to experience good and bad moments. What I enjoy the most is the lifestyle that it provides. The trips, experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, winning medals, having people recognizing your work and being respected for it. Being able to do, and live, what I love. But at the same time, becoming a professional athlete entails a lot of sacrifice. You have to train even when your body aches, go through painful falls, get injured, you have the added pressure of always having to excel, and can never allow yourself to decrease the level of your performance. Learning to fail is not easy. And having to travel all the time also has its negative aspects: it is very tiring, and doesn’t allow you to have your own place in the world. The lifestyle as a nomad is exhausting.

WP) What advice would you give others considering a career as a professional athlete?

Dream that it is possible. Work hard to achieve your goals. Always give the best you’ve got. And above all, enjoy it!


Major titles and achievements:

- 13 times Argentine Wakeboard Champion

- Wakeboarding World Champion – Spain 2004

- World Cup Tour Champion 2005

- Gold Medal at the Beach South American Games – Uruguay 2009

- Gold Medal at the South American Games – Colombia 2010

- Gold Medal at the Beach South American Games – Ecuador 2011

- Bronze Medal at the World Championship – Italia 2011

- 5th place at the World Cup – Australia 2013

- 9th place World Championship – Korea 2013

- 3 times Champion of Wakestock UK

- Gold Medal at the Odesur Games– Chile 2014