No Hitting?



Is there a parent alive who has not used these words?

Here are three stories about failures to observe this parental admonition, with differing consequences. Where do any limits belong?

A Whistle, a Punch, and a Soccer Referee Is Dead

A little more than a week after a 17-year-old soccer player punched a recreation-league referee in the head in suburban Salt Lake City, the referee is dead, the player faces charges, and youth sports are left with questions about the seeming rise in severity of assaults on officials.

Father Charged in Assault on Son’s Training Partner

Volatile parents have long posed a problem for tennis. Jim Pierce, Damir Dokic and Arsalan Rezai are among those who have received extended bans for abusive behavior.

It remains unknown if John Tomic will end up on that ignominious list, but Tomic, the father and coach of the young Australian star Bernard Tomic, has been charged with assaulting his son’s hitting partner, Thomas Drouet, last week outside a Madrid hotel.

Montreal, Senators look to control emotions in Game 4

The Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators are developing quite a rivalry this postseason.

The Senators beat the Canadiens 6-1 on Sunday night in a fight-filled, emotional game. The teams combined for 236 penalty minutes and nine players were given a game misconduct.

On Monday players from both sides downplayed the events of the game, saying it’s just part of playoff hockey and to be expected at this time of year.

The intensity could ratchet up again Tuesday night.

“This is fun,” Ottawa forward Kyle Turris said. “It’s a great atmosphere, real fun and I don’t know if you would call it a hatred on the ice, but it’s lots of fun.”.