• Dan Laukitis

    Speaking with some court tennis professionals yesterday about how unwelcome grunting would be in that sport. They basically said it would not be tolerated and that player would be alienated from the sport. It is a unique sport that can control the range of behavior by social pressures without the need for the penalties tennis associations are putting into place. For example, “”We are currently in the process of exploring how to reduce excessive grunting, especially for younger players just starting out, without adversely affecting players who have developed their game under the current training, rules and procedures,” the statement said. “We do believe that we need to address the concerns expressed by some fans and take a careful look at our rules and education policies.”

  • http://wellplayed.us/ Danwellplayed

    Is there a difference between grunting in the process of making a shot (known to help performance and recovery for next shot) and emitting emotion after a shot, pos or neg? I believe a brief, real reaction to a shot can be stabilizing.

    • John Patton

      Never knew this! Very cool.