“If you don’t lose, you don’t win.”



With seconds to the buzzer, the boy was in tears. Muresan stopped the game, took the boy aside, and stood with him until he made a shot. Then two. Then three.

Afterward, Muresan said, something dawned on him. “I thought, ‘Oh my god, I used to be like this kid.’ ”

Muresan founded the year-round, co-ed basketball workshop in 2004, four years after his NBA career ended. He coaches children as young as 6 on basketball’s fundamentals and teamwork skills, regardless of their playing proficiency. After nine years, he knows what it takes. “You need to give a lot from your heart,” he said.

“Giving everyone a chance to go in the game and then come out and get high-fives,” regardless of skill level, is a big draw for campers and their families,” says Christopher Iaquinta, a coach at the camp. “And Gheorghe really encourages them and just has a good time.”

Even if you lose a game, “you don’t have to be sad,” he says. “If you don’t lose, you don’t win.”

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