If Success Becomes the Expectation…

Credit: Doug Mills/The New York Times

Credit: Doug Mills/The New York Times

Using the US Open as backdrop, Karen Crouse writes about hyper successful young athletes and asks, “how can they learn to embrace the failures that are the greatest learning tool of all?”

“There was not much Merion Golf Club could do to rattle Justin Rose, who was kicked by a chorus line of courses in his late teens. So complete was his failure during his first two years as a professional, the caddies on the European Tour snidely referred to him as ‘Justin Vite,’ a nod to his dependence on the kindness of sponsors to get into tournaments.”

“Youth thrills, but talent lasts.”

“Stricker, winless in 59 majors, was able to shrug off his tie for eighth because his self-worth was not tied up in his result.”

“Golf is not the thing in my life as it once was,” he said, adding: ‘We’ve got kids and wives and other things like that that’s more important. So I can get over this rather quickly.’”

“That is often not the case with the younger players, who are lavished with attention and money before they have a clue who they are. Is it any wonder they struggle to separate the person from the performance?”

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