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We like to promote sportsmanship and a spirit of fair play. But when it comes to identifying the world’s best athletes, what’s agape got to do with it?

Stewardship pass interference

As the clock ticks down in a close game, the announcer often says something along the lines of “let the boys play.” A variant is “the referee shouldn’t decide it.” Either way, the meaning is clear: a game-deciding penalty should not be called in the final minutes or in overtime lest the penalty determine the outcome.

Stewardship children-are-becoming-more-active-and-partaking-in-sports

For a variety of reasons athletes are being recruited into collegiate sports programs at earlier ages; and this is especially true of …. females (girls, not yet women).

Playing snowy hockey

Here are four anecdotes about hockey. If a GPS were writing this story, it might be saying “recalculating’ or even “make a U-turn.”

Playing bigwave-surfing

I hate that phrase but I am not absolutely sure why. Anti-authority? Anti-sanctimonious? The feeling that it is generally untrue or that my safety is probably none of the speaker’s business? Safety Nazis? All of the above?