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Playing snowy hockey

Here are four anecdotes about hockey. If a GPS were writing this story, it might be saying “recalculating’ or even “make a U-turn.”

Playing bigwave-surfing

I hate that phrase but I am not absolutely sure why. Anti-authority? Anti-sanctimonious? The feeling that it is generally untrue or that my safety is probably none of the speaker’s business? Safety Nazis? All of the above?

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Do coaches have any power at all when star players earn several multiples what they do? Who wins in a battle between Coach — Please Fire Me — Shanahan and King Robert Griffin The Third? When can the coach bench the king?

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It’s rare to find oneself in a crowd that size, especially when YOU ARE the sporting event, not there to watch one.

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In the process of creating WellPlayed.US, my cofounder, Dan, and I got into a conversation about the number of sports we had tried in our lives. What makes an activity a sport in your mind?

Improving From Yahoo News

Sports fans have seen things like this before, when a team or player is playing for something bigger than itself, a town, a cause, or in honor of someone special to them.

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“There’s a certain number of guys out here like Bones who do this job not for the money or for any other reason but to help their players become the greatest they can be,” Wood said, referring to Mackay by his nickname.