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It will be interesting to watch this year’s matches and see if there appears to be a more unified team. And to listen to what the media make of this issue. Remember what Ali famously said: “I, We.” And don’t be afraid to hug and high five! Cautious fist bumps may spare you some germs but that’s about it.

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Fierce, sincere competition, compelling match-ups, great golf, and genuine sportsmanship, win or lose; all playing out before millions of amateurs who subsequently might be that much more likely to play their sports in a similar vein.

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Audience entertainment (and ticket sales or TV ratings) cannot be a good enough reason for a sport to exist. Or if so, then can we call it something besides sport?

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What is a sportsman? That is a lifelong quest but you will probably know it when you see it and especially when you don’t.

How do you become one? It helps if your father starts you off with some good advice and you follow it for a lifetime.

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I knew Jack Nicklaus was a class guy, but I liked the reminders. Do you have an experience overcoming adversity in your sports life? Tell us.

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