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Red Smith, the great columnist for the New York Herald Tribune, the New York Times and other papers, wrote about sports for a long time.

Smith covered baseball, boxing, golf, fishing, track, horse racing, football, car racing, hockey and many other sports. As you’d expect, he got a lot wrong.

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Sometimes ethical violations cross over into legal liability…

Bill Pennington writes, “Golfers expect to encounter hazards or misfortune during a round of golf. We all end up in a bunker or out of bounds. But not many golfers expect to end up in court. Or jail.

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True, golf isn’t a person so a person couldn’t very well be golf. It is really a collection of interests surrounding a sport and, though it appears to be flourishing, all might not be well.

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Miami and Dade County taxpayers to say nothing of those business travelers sentenced to pay the rental car and hotel occupancy taxes imposed on non-voters seem to be the winners here.

Miami and San Francisco are the finalists for the 50th Super Bowl, to be played in 2016. The loser will compete against Houston for the 51st. San Francisco and Houston are considered the favorites.

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A great deal of unnecessarily bad golf is played in this world. The people who go on playing it, year in and year out, with unquenchable hope and enthusiasm, constitute the game’s mainstay, for their zeal is complete…