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It will be interesting to watch this year’s matches and see if there appears to be a more unified team. And to listen to what the media make of this issue. Remember what Ali famously said: “I, We.” And don’t be afraid to hug and high five! Cautious fist bumps may spare you some germs but that’s about it.

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In sports it is axiomatic that to play your best you should be physically and mentally prepared, focused, positive, and confident.

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Sports fans have seen things like this before, when a team or player is playing for something bigger than itself, a town, a cause, or in honor of someone special to them.

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“There’s a certain number of guys out here like Bones who do this job not for the money or for any other reason but to help their players become the greatest they can be,” Wood said, referring to Mackay by his nickname.

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