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Investment management was one of several careers in my past. During my tenure, I was…

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celebrated amateur golfer Fred Ridley spoke to the student-athletes about appreciating what they had learned from their experiences as competitive amateur golfers and applying those values and habits of character in the personal and professional lives ahead of them.

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What is a sportsman? That is a lifelong quest but you will probably know it when you see it and especially when you don’t.

How do you become one? It helps if your father starts you off with some good advice and you follow it for a lifetime.

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I knew Jack Nicklaus was a class guy, but I liked the reminders. Do you have an experience overcoming adversity in your sports life? Tell us.

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Pierre de Coubertin envisioned the Olympics as an inspiration, vehicle, and showcase for the values he espouses in his “Ode to Sport”