Building a Sports Prodigy (Kidding)


Note the parenthetical in the headline. Did Jason Gay have to insert it because some parents of newborns are probably not?

Because I write a sports column, people ask what sports Jesse is going to play. I do not know how to handle this question. He is barely two months old. I am not sure what to say. Uhhh…he’s going to win the U.S Open. He will medal in the long jump. He will ice two free throws in NBA Finals and make a commercial for foot deodorant. He will manage the Cubs to a World Series. He will get cut by the Jaguars.

I have no idea. He’s a baby. If he stops waking up at 4:30 a.m., I will buy him a Super Bowl ring.

I don’t care if he plays anything. I want him to do what he wants. Of course: He may be falling behind. It may already be too late to produce a sports prodigy. We may have to cross the Brazil World Cup off the list. The Rio Olympics, too. He needs 10,000 hours. Isn’t that the formula? Five figures of solid sports commitment—and boom—he’s being overpaid by the Yankees.

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