Author Haven Pell

I am on version 6.0. Somewhere on the scale of "saving the world" to "common scold," this version generally involves writing. The first five versions provided ample opportunities to observe myself and others from best to worst. I have tried about 100 sports and enjoyed all of them. Excellence and distinction have been elusive. I live in Washington with my wife, Simmy, a far better athlete, and look around the country at two sons and a daughter, all of whom have chosen their own sports directions. I have coached kids, managed sports programs, served on sports governing bodies, built an athletic facility and served as president of a sports club. Learn more about Haven.

Character sportsmanship

I went back to school the other day. It was unlike any school I had ever attended before.

It might have been the setting: the ballroom of an upmarket Washington country club that generally serves as an elegant wedding venue.

It might have been my classmates, whose median age was about 1/5 of my own.

It might have been the topic: character in sports.

Likely, it was all of the above.

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