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I'm a psychologist and, complementary to my clinical work, am interested in character development and the contexts that facilitate it. I have played a wide range of sports, with an emphasis on golf, hockey, and racquet sports. I have been a coach, fan, steward, and sport psychologist. As a new dad, I am especially interested in how future cohorts might be affected by the ways that sports are organized and played. Sports provide so many opportunities to be and become our best selves; not just mastering skills but working on the personal aspects of performing well under pressure, being a good sport and a good teammate, playing with honor and integrity, and enjoying the experience. My hope is that we - as coaches, parents, fans, stewards and players – can work together to encourage the right things to happen on and off the fields of play.

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0 encourages kids to get involved in sports because of all the benefits that can come from it when they are done right. This post is a direct copy of a tidy synopsis by Greg Wells and Shawna Silver (July, 2014) of the benefits of getting involved in sports.

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It will be interesting to watch this year’s matches and see if there appears to be a more unified team. And to listen to what the media make of this issue. Remember what Ali famously said: “I, We.” And don’t be afraid to hug and high five! Cautious fist bumps may spare you some germs but that’s about it.

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Fierce, sincere competition, compelling match-ups, great golf, and genuine sportsmanship, win or lose; all playing out before millions of amateurs who subsequently might be that much more likely to play their sports in a similar vein.

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What does it mean that a corporate sponsor wants to disassociate from a tarnished utility sport vehicle (i.e., player, team, stadium, league, etc)? Somehow it’s a net win.

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