#AHPMPSMPGGYPG The New Game in Town


A new game is finding its way on to the sports scene and it is not the ALS ice bucket challenge. (It is now required by law to insert the following here: #alsicebucketchallenge.)

The new game is called “Ascending the Highest Possible Moral Pedestal to Show that My Personal Goodness is Greater than Your Personal Goodness.” (#AHPMPSMPGGYPG) Note to public relations team: really? Is that the best hash tag you can come up with?

Among the early devotees of #AHPMPSMPGGYPG are the editorial board of The Washington Post and the on-air commentators for the CBS NFL broadcasts.

They are publicly foreswearing the use of the term Redskins when referring to Washington’s football team. (That would be a potato in the picture. Redskin, get it?)

This will leave them with the term Washington, which many view as even more of a slur.

In the case of the Post, the new policy (properly publicized for proper pedestal ascending) will only apply to the editorial board because it is the newsroom’s policy to use names that established institutions choose for themselves. Hence, if the Post chooses to write yet another editorial on this vitally important subject, it will, presumably, have to use words like “the name that dare not speak its name.”

The CBS commentators are also seeking maximum public relations advantage for their soul-searching deliberations as they carefully ascend the HPMP (Highest Possible Moral Pedestal for those with short memories) in full view of publicity seeking moral arbiters.

Meanwhile the most abject loser in this new game is Mike Carey, an NFL referee. Why is he the loser? Does he routinely use slurs when he calls games? Nope. Does he think the word Washington is more odious than the word Redskins? Nope (sadly). Does he “dis” the players he bosses around with his whistle and his hand signals? Nope. He just refs games.

Mike Carey has been avoiding the term for eight years and the NFL has quietly respected his request not to officiate Washington games.

Now you understand the essence of #AHPMPSMPGGYPG. It is not about doing the right or wrong thing; it is about being seen to be doing what has been spun to be viewed as the right thing. It is one of the few games in which the winners are really losers.

For more on Mike Carey check out Mike Wise’s column Mike Carey, longtime NFL referee, avoided Washington’s games because of the name .