wellplayed.us is about getting sports right. 

wellplayed.us wants to see sports done right, by the people who play, coach, and watch them, by parents, and by the stewards protecting and perfecting our games for the future. wellplayed.us is for everyone who has been involved in sports in one way or another: through playing organized sports, pick-up games, made up games, through mentoring or supporting others, or as fans. wellplayed.us is for those of us who value what can come from participation in sports, especially when they are done right. We, all of us, have seen and experienced sports done right and sports done wrong. There is a difference and it matters. 

We created wellplayed.us to be a resource for information about these issues. A place where people who care can discuss them thoughtfully. We welcome your contributions. We frame the issues, ask the questions, and move conversations along in hopes that sports and the people who play them will benefit. Our mission is important, but, as in sports, it's meant to be fun.

                                                                                  Haven and Dan


havenI am on version 6.0. Somewhere on the scale of "saving the world" to "common scold," this version generally involves writing. The first five versions provided ample opportunities to observe myself and others from best to worst.

I have tried about 100 sports and enjoyed all of them. Excellence and distinction have been elusive.

I live in Washington with my wife, Simmy, a far better athlete, and look around the country at two sons and a daughter, all of whom have chosen their own sports directions. I have coached kids, managed sports programs, served on sports governing bodies, built an athletic facility and served as president of a sports club. Learn more about Haven.


danI'm a psychologist and, complementary to my clinical work, am interested in character development and the contexts that facilitate it.

Sports provide so many opportunities to be and become our best selves; not just mastering skills but working on the personal aspects of performing well under pressure, being a good sport and a good teammate, playing with honor and integrity, and enjoying the experience.

I am fascinated with the contribution of psychology to understanding, and conveying, what can be gained through participation in sports. 

I've enjoyed playing sports - organized and ad hoc - all my life, and have been a coach, fan, steward, and sport psychologist. As a new dad, I am especially interested in how future cohorts might be affected by the ways that sports are organized and played.

My hope is that we - as coaches, parents, fans, stewards and players – can work together to encourage the right things to happen on and off the fields of play.

Learn more about Dan.